V.A.T. No: 7261477-01-5                                                                                    Prosperita, Windhoek                                                                        +264 81 128 9990

V.A.T Import No: 7261477-01-6                                                           

Liquor license No: CC/2016/04

1 x Case (6 bottles) of Bizoe Semillon Kruispad 2018

  • The wine shows stone fruit flavours with a lime minerality on the nose and fresh, crisp finish on the palate. An excellent balance between the prominent minerality and acidity of the Morningstar Semillon, and the succulent tropical fruit character of the Robertsvleipad Semillon, the Kruispad is a wine that offers excellent drinkability. It is a versatile food companion and pairs well with a range of dishes including smoked salmon, shellfish, mild curries and parmesan cheese.

    Sugar: 3.5 g/l    Total acid: 5.8 g/l   pH: 3.32   Alc: 11.5 %