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1x Bottle (in wooden box) Blokhuis

1x Bottle (in wooden box) Blokhuis

  • You will find that this wine has aromatic notes of midnight citrus zest, raw coconut, and botanical honeybush great you at first and follow through with racy, natural acidity.


    Thinking of how to relish this wine? Our Blokhuis Grenache Blanc is ready to be enjoyed right now but will gain in complexity with aging. It is particularly well complemented by richly spiced dishes like Chicken Satay, Moroccan Tagine or medium-hard nutty cheeses such as Emmentaler and Gruyère.

    Alcohol: 13.45%vol
    Residual Sugar: 3.22g/L
    Total Acidity: 5.32g/L
    ph: 3.57
    VA: 0.51

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